Die flüssige Fabrik

Around the turn of the millennium there was much discussion of a neoliberal subject that willingly exploits itself. In the meantime the debate has ebbed, but the phenomenon persists. And so Timo Hinze asks: How can you make something visible when you yourself live within it? What power forces me to act? In a rambunctious, almost savage collage of texts by writers from Deleuze to Marx, Weber and Internet blogs, he develops the concept of the »liquid factory«: the passionate attachment of individuals to their gainful employment, one that has washed over from the space of Ford’s factory and spread throughout everyday life. »The liquid factory« consists of currents of passion and desire, transcending concrete places like the actual factory premises. Here what dominates is a kind of invisible inner power that drives the individual to produce—often up to the very brink of the endurable. (Spector Books)

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